What if you could work from a place like this? (Granada, Spain)

A few months ago we shared with you our experience switching from traditional to remote jobs. That article had quite a bit of success, which made us think that many of our readers are looking to do the same. Now we have decided to go one step forward in helping our readers get the remote jobs they deserve.

We have manually dug through AngelList’s remote jobs section and hand-picked 10 startups that are currently hiring for non-tech remote positions.

Why did we choose them? Because the companies look legit (we conducted a quick background check on their founders’ AngelList and LinkedIn profiles) and the jobs look interesting. We do not have any relationship with any of them.

Why did you focus on non-tech jobs? Because tech people already have it pretty easy to find remote jobs. The rest of us non-techie peasants have to dig a little deeper to find similar opportunities.

How do I apply? You can take the regular path and submit your CV through any of these links, or you can do it our way (we recommend the latter).

Here’s our list. Go get ’em!

Sales and Biz Dev at luminoustudios for up to $40K USD/year

Sales Development Rep at OpenSensors.io for for up to £35K GBP/year

Social Media Manager at Steady Demand for up to $90K USD/year

Content Writer at Qbox.io for up to $80K USD/year

Travel Agent at 30SecondsToFly for up to $60K USD/year

Content & Community Manager at UpLabs for up to $40K USD/year

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