Well, winter is almost here. You’re probably freezing to death while you scratch off the ice from your windshield so you can hit the road before rush hour starts.

Which never happens. You always end up stuck in traffic during rush hour.

But guess what? There’s a way out. Your next exit off of the cubicle freeway could be any of these remote jobs we have listed below.

We have also included a company that was recently selected to participate in Y Combinator, the world’s best startup accelerator. Cool stuff, huh?

Go email these companies right now and hopefully you’ll be working from a terrace somewhere sunny and warm before Christmas.

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Sales Executive at ContactOut starting at $70k/year

Account Executive at Dopamine Labs starting at $80k/year

Content Writer at Before the Call starting at $45k/year

Sales Representative at PastureMap starting at $40k/year

Account Executive, Europe at Keemotion starting at €50k/year

Sales Development Representative at GrowthGenius starting at $30k

Salesperson at Legalist starting at $30k/year (Y Combinator 2016 batch)

Travel Team (day or night shift) at Pana starting at $25k/year

Go get ’em!

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