As a remote worker, you can work from anywhere in the world. You become free to explore the world and gain the ability to re-awaken your inner self. However, many of us tend to spend all day staring at a computer screen. Even though remote work is supposed to make our lives more flexible, the fact of the matter is that many of us are working from home, means working more and burning out. Therefore, it’s important to break free from the online world and simply enjoy the real one away from the computer screen.

Schedule Some “Me Time”

It can be very easy to blur the lines between home and career, when you are working form home. However, just as it’s important to schedule your work meetings, you should also schedule time to be off the grid. Put weekly placeholders in your schedule and do not arrange any work items during that time. This will give you a couple of hours every week just to unwind and relax. You can try something new each week or simply take a nap, but be sure to close your laptop and stay away from your phone.

Explore the World

There’s more to life than what’s right in front of you. So, unplug your laptop, awaken your spirituality and reconnect with nature. Focus on yourself and go on a hike or do some yoga on the beach. You can even completely get away and take a much-needed vacation. If you really want to connect with nature, go to a national park or visit one of these destinations that are known to provide the best natural vacations.

  • Corfu, Greece
  • Sibenik, Croatia
  • Locarno, Switzerland
  • Roseau, Dominica
  • Lake Atitlan, Guatemala
  • Southern Inle Lake, Myanmar

Find a Workspace Outside

Being outside in nature does wonders for the body. It reduces stress and anxiety, and helps you recharge. So, why not bring your work outside? Find a bench in the local park, or sit on the sands of the beach while you type away. Every once in a while, simply look beyond your computer and connect with the beautiful nature that you’re sitting in. It will encourage your work and help you feel less trapped in a digital world.

It can be hard to separate work from your personal life when they you are working from home. But take it day by day, and remember that personal time is just as important as your work.

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