One of the main benefits of working remotely is that you can do it from anywhere. From an island in Greece to the plains of Mongolia, digital nomads are everywhere. However, there seems to be one place in the world that has a stronger freelance community than any other: Chiang Mai, Thailand. Let’s break down the reasons for this and why you might want to locate your business in the Thai city at some point as well.

Low Cost of Living in Chiang Mai

Many digital nomads just starting out on their journey will be earning a fairly low income compared to the national average. This income is rarely guaranteed and so it is important while traveling to keep costs to a minimum. While Thailand is cheap generally, Chiang Mai manages to be cheaper than both Phuket and Bangkok.

The housing is of a high quality yet remains affordable because supply outweighs demand. With many expats only coming for a few months a year, there is also an abundance of short term lets. Food and bills are also considerably cheaper than anywhere in Europe or North America, yet is still of a high standard.


Beyond the plentiful supply of housing, there is cheap and fast WiFi available. This is essential for someone who makes all of their income online. While internet in shared accommodation may be slower, the city center is full of coffee shops and restaurants offering free and fast internet, allowing access to paid survey sites or other sources of online income.

There is also plenty of transport links, shops and bars to fulfill all basic and entertainment needs. Chiang Mai is a safe and vibrant city, with all the amenities necessary to run an online business.

Work Environment

Due to the aforementioned reasons, a strong community of traveling freelancers has built up in Chiang Mai. This means that there are many coworking spaces available, where digital workers can collaborate on projects.

Unlike other Thai cities such as Bangkok, Chiang Mai also has a relaxed and spiritual atmosphere, attracting yogis and mindfulness experts. This laid back attitude, combined with fantastic weather, boosts mood and contributes to a productive work environment. If this suits your workstyle, you can easily network with likeminded digital expats.

Chiang Mai is a beautiful and deeply spiritual city. Despite its popularity with foreigners, it still retains an authentic, ancient Asian charm. This offers the perfect balance of something new and adventurous with low living costs and a high standard of living, making it the perfect location for your remote job.

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