Flying nowadays is nowhere near what it was 50 years ago. To be honest, I don’t even know how it was 50 years ago because I wasn’t there, but you get the point. What once was something extremely fancy and only available to the very few privileged, is now available for most people. Elegant and comfortable planes have turned into buses with wings. And that’s great.

However something buses and Ryanair/EasyJet/Vueling/Any-other-low-cost-airline planes have in common is that the ride is never what I would call enjoyable. For this reason, it is our duty as passengers to make flying easier for everyone. These are some suggestions you should keep in mind so you are not the most hated person on your next flight.

How not to be an asshole when flying

– The middle armrests are for the passenger in the middle seat. If you got window or aisle, you got an armrest for yourself PLUS aisle or a window. The middle seat passenger only has armrests, don’t take the only thing they have away from them.

– Please shower before getting on a plane. At the very least, wear clean clothes.

– If you are seated in the window or middle seat and need to go to the bathroom, let the other passengers know so they can get up. No one wants an unsolicited crotch or ass in their face.

– A hoodie on means do not disturb. Please respect this.

– Do not take off your shoes. Your feet stink . And everyone around you notices it.

– Plane food is what it is. It is usually disgusting chicken or pasta, so make up your mind before the catering cart comes. Don’t make everyone wait because you don’t know what to get from the “menu”. Passengers at the end of the plane are hungry.

flying aeromexico food
Come on, Aeromexico! I get that I am not flying first class but couldn’t you offer some tacos instead?

– Do not make out with your partner. Bathrooms planes exist for a reason.

– Do not fall asleep with your legs blocking the aisle. Especially when it is dark, you don’t know who you’re going to make fall on their way to the bathroom. Plus, you have a high chance of getting your knee slammed by a heavy catering cart, and that shit hurts.

– If you start a conversation with the person next to you and they don’t ask anything back, don’t try again.

– Do not wake someone up to just to say something to them. It better be urgent.

– If there is a baby crying around you, don’t cause a scene. It’s just a baby for god’s sake. Get some earplugs and shut up.

Did we miss anything? Have you experienced assholes on planes? Are YOU the asshole on planes? Hope these recommendations helped.

Happy flights! (without assholes).

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