2018 is here. 2018 is the year you exit your cubicle and never look back again.

To help you do that, we have manually curated a list of 10 remote jobs you can apply for right now.

Don’t know how to apply for remote jobs? Learn more here.

Want to know where people with remote jobs travel to? Check this out.

Here’s our list. Go get’em!

Customer Success Expert at GlossGenius starting at $32K

Social Media Strategist at Ready starting at $50k

Business Development/Partnerships Associate at Designlab starting at $70k

Mentor Community Lead at Designlab starting at $75k

Sales Development Rep at OpenSensors starting at £25k

Growth & Marketing Consultant at Airfordable starting at $30k

Customer Support Representative at Kalo starting at $40k

Sports & Fitness Marketing Intern at StudioPass starting at $12k

Business Development Executive at Properly starting at €40k

Content Marketer at Propel(x) starting at $40k

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