Remember when you got back to your cubicle after last Christmas break? Depressing, right?

If you promised yourself you would not let that happen again next year, well, you only have a month to go.

But don’t worry, we have manually dug through AngelList’s remote jobs section and hand-picked 10 startups that are currently hiring for non-tech remote positions.

Why did we choose them? Because the companies look legit (we conducted a quick background check on their founders’ AngelList and LinkedIn profiles) and the jobs look interesting. We do not have relationships with any of them.

Why did you focus on non-tech jobs? Because tech people already have it pretty easy when looking for remote jobs. The rest of us non-techie peasants have to dig a little deeper to find similar opportunities.

How do I apply? You can take the regular path and submit your CV through any of these links, or you can do it our way (we recommend the latter).

Here’s our list. Go get ’em!

Product Discovery Lead at Spocket starting at $50k/year

Sales Executive #500startups at ContactOut starting at $80k/year

Community Manager at Fysical starting at $20k/year

Content Marketing Manager at Influx starting at $40k/year

Social Media & Email Marketing at 6ya starting at $40k/year

Customer Success Associate at Bonusly starting at $50k/year

Creative Services + Influencer Marketing Manager at Red Tricycle starting at $50k/year

Account Executive at Dopamine Labs starting at $80k/year

Content Writer at Later starting at $43k/year

Business Development Representative at Theory Consulting Group starting at $10k/year

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