As a remote worker, I have faced these questions a million times:

How did you do it?

How did you find it?

It must be super hard to find, I have never seen one.

People just don’t believe that getting a remote job is equally easy as getting a traditional job where you have to commute back and forth every day. 

When people look for jobs they just go to the same websites where your chances of finding the job you really like are one in a million.

Luckily, you are not one of those people. If you have stumbled upon this article is because you are ready to take your search to the next level.

We have manually dug through AngelList’s job section to find seven attractive, well-paid jobs that allows you to work remotely. Here’s the list:

Content Manager at Happy Couple for up to $55k/year

Growth/Content Marketing Manager at AND CO for up to $50k/year

Operations Associate at Designlab for up to $75k/year

Growth marketer at SellerCrowd for up to $120k/year

Sales at Gas Pos for up to $40k/year

Social Media & Audience Development Lead at Proday for up to $90k/year

Travel Team Member at Pana for up to $35k/year

Go get ’em!

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